Top Three Reasons to Book A Boudoir shoot


March 6, 2022

Boudoir photography doesn’t have to be cheesy or trashy and in my opinion it has come a long way from shooting in a dingy lit hotel room with gaudy jewelry and heels.  From classy, modern studio boudoir, to shooting in fields of roses, these sessions have a common purpose and that is to empower us as women and celebrate our feminine physique in a way that is flattering and true to oneself.  Trust me you deserve it!

Top Three Reasons to Book A  Boudoir Shoot:

#1  Working with wedding professionals before you higher them for your big day:  Not only are you trying a potential wedding photographer, but you can add these vendors to that trial run: hair and makeup artist and a florist.  When you are working with a professional of course it is important to like their work, but it is an added bonus when your personalities mesh and they are able to make you feel comfortable and confident in the images you are creating together.

#2 More images in a wedding gallery:  If there is room in your timeline before you get ready, this would be a great time to get some boudoir photos!  You will already be dolled up and feeling beautiful so why not have some moments to yourself before you say I do?  These images will add variety and help tell the story of your day.  You could have time to add up to 30+ fine art images to your wedding gallery.

#3 Make a surprise album just for him:  I’m actually seeing more brides opt to having their soon to be husband open and album of them on the wedding day and then having that reaction photographed.  Again this is another way to add imagery to your gallery and tell the story.  Not to mention who doesn’t love hearing their soul mate gush over how hot their wife is?!

For this featured shoot we met up just outside of fountain hills where there is a nice quiet water spot and desert scenery. Water shoots are ideal in the summer since it’s so hot here in Arizona!  Keep it simple or go more luxury and add a bouquet or even a floral installation.  Your photographer should be able to help you come up with a stunning vision for the shoot.



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