Top Reasons Why You Should Have a First Look


August 12, 2019

When I envision the first look, my mind is field with images of a veiled bride heading down the isle towards the groom and they seeing each other for the first time ever. This tradition actually dates back decades and was used in arranged marriages to keep the couple from not going through with the marriage. This makes me think of the reality show Married at First Sight! Of course that isn’t the case into todays society and our couples are madly in love.

Time to calm the nerves

While doing the first look before the actual ceremony is a newer trend, we find that is a wonderful opportunity for our couples to settle down and de stress. I remember being a of bundle of fried nerves on our wedding day and I wish we would have done a first look to take a breather and calm down.

Spend an intimate moment together

There is an abundance of commotion and celebrations happening during your wedding, but that day can pass by without you really feeling like you’ve had a quiet moment alone together. Take this intimate moment to read each other a personal love note, exchange a gift or simply hold each other in a warm embrace. A fun suggestion would be to gift your groom with custom boudoir album. Those illicit some of the best reactions ha ha! Enjoy the tender fleeting moments you have together and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Imagery

Of course us being photographers we are excited about the emotional imagery having a first look can produce! The setting is a bit more relaxed and we have more creative control on where the event takes place allowing us to fully optimize the moment. We hope this helps in your decision to have a first look or not! Again it is something we wish we would have done. And no hard feelings if you decide to go the traditional route because it is your day and you should have the way you dreamed it to be. <3



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