6 Tips to Rock Your Engagement Session


September 27, 2022

Why even have an engagement session? The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to practice being in front of the camera before the wedding day.  Most people don’t have experience in being professionally photographed outside maybe senior photos. I’ve put together some of my favorite tips to help you get the most out of your engagement session and create some stunning imagery.

Tip #1 Dress for the location

I can’t stress this enough, but it is wise to consider the location you’ve chosen for the shoot when selecting outfits.   If there is hiking involved, a sandy beach, or a rose garden, each of these locations will have different attire involved.  Showing up in a tight fitting dress and high heels would be ill advised if you needed to do some hiking to get to the exact location.  For example, I think flowing, light catching dresses look beautiful in places like Yosemite, but you have to do some hiking to get there.  Some people choose to pack their clothes and hike up then change while  others opt for a stylish hiking outfit with boots that look equally stunning.

Tip #2  Avoid fluorescent tones or overly busy patterns

This goes along the lines of dressing for the location as well, but I want to add selecting timeless tones.  Bright pink is a punchy color and may be fun to where, but not for a photo shoot.  Bright colors tend to reflect on the skin and can cause you to look an unnatural color.  Patterns can work, but they have to be done right.  Loud obnoxious patterns can distract from the photos and take away from the scenery.

Tip #3 Shine that ring 

Show that baby off and make it shine. I like to incorporate several detail shots whether it be with the ring on or off.  It will photograph to perfection if that diamond is polished and sparkling.

Tip #4  Have your hair and Makeup done by a pro

Make the most of your engagement session by testing a potential hair and makeup artist for your wedding.  A good HUMA can highlight your natural beauty without making you feel like you have a ton of product on your face.  You will get a chance to see how your hair and makeup will photograph for your event.

Tip #5 Communicate your Style

If you have always dreamed of sharing a charcuterie  board picnic in a large grassy field, or dressing up in a chic outfit for a downtown session let your photographer know!  I personally love putting together a mood board for my brides.  It helps me get a clear view of my couples are looking for in their session.  Keep the lines of communication open and detail out what you are wanting for the style of your engagement session.

Tip #6 Location

Choose an epic location! Whether it’s a secluded beach, in a sail boat on the lake or hike to Taft Point, satisfy that need for travel and exploration. The world is a beautiful place and no location is too far or grand for an adventure.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful or used any or them at your engagement session!



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