My Favorite Style Tip For Engagements


March 6, 2022

As a photographer, I believe your engagement session is one of the most important parts of the pre-wedding process for four reasons. First, it gives me a chance to spend time with you both and get to know you better before the big day. Second, it gives you a chance to get comfortable in front of my camera so you’ll know exactly what to do and be posing pros by the time the wedding rolls around. Third, it gives you a set of beautiful images that you can use for save-the-dates, your wedding website, prints to display at the rehearsal dinner or reception, frames for your wall in your new home together and so much more! Most importantly, it gives you a way to freeze this special time in your life. A chance to pause, take a deep breath and relish in this season together. You’ll be husband and wife for fifty plus years, but you only get to be fiances for a short little window of your life! With your engagement session, I want to help you slow down long enough to remember this short, sweet season of life for years to come.

Choosing your outfits for your engagement session doesn’t have to be this monumental task.  While I believe it is important what you choose to wear, this tip should help serve as a step in the right direction.

My Favorite Style Tip For Engagements, How to choose what to wear:

Stick to classy options.  Trendy may seem like a good idea at the time, but you want these photos to still look good 30+ years from now and not look like some short lived fad.  Some of my favorite classic looks include: Redefined casual, classic chic, metropolitan dressy, and timeless formal.  Plan your color palette and style of clothing around the location your are shooting.  If you show up to a rocky location that requires some walking in heels and a tight dress, you might regret that life decision.  Film has an amazing latitude in how it interprets light and color, however hot pink or florescent orange will always be a big no for me.  Neutral soft tones tend to be a regular winner, but if you find your personality is a little more bold, black or red can also be a fun choice.  Remember how exactly matching was thing, like both wearing navy, or both wearing plaid and jeans? Well that is also another big no.  If you both show up in the exact same color you’re going to blend together and it will be hard to differentiate your bodies one from another.  Try colors from the same color family and use that color wheel.  If you are still feeling stuck, ask for a link to my fashion pinterest board.  There I will share style examples and color palettes.  Whatever you choose to wear it is ultimately up to you, but hopefully this helps guide you in the right direction.  Happy shooting!


Here are a couple of examples of couples who did a great job choosing what to wear with the background.





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