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October 9, 2019

Merry Go Round Rock Film Engagement Session | Cameron & Eric


Everyone should have a little more adventure in their lives. That was the theme for this shoot. We all jumped in my SUV and traveled an hour up the rockiest mountain road I have ever been on to get to this amazing location. When you have an hour to spend together it offers a chance for some good conversation. Learning about their ambitions and their love for animals I knew they were my kind of people. We were stopped on numerous occasions by tour guides going up in their jeeps checking to make sure we understood the path that lay ahead. At one point we were struggling to get passed this really difficult part, and once we did a group of tourist cheered for our success! That’s right go me! After our hour drive we got in, and could see the storm brewing on the horizon. It offered a beautiful soft lighting for their shoot not to mention cooler weather. Win win!


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