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June 4, 2018

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Tips and Tricks

It’s that moment. The moment you hoped would come someday. It’s that moment when you finally know you have found your forever. She’s your true soul mate and the only person you want to share this journey of life with. You are completely ready to ask the big question but first things first. You need to pick a ring. This can’t be just any ring. It needs to represent your love and commitment to each other. It should steal her breath away just like she steals your breath away every day. Its sparkle should match that something in her that you just can’t live without. This ring will be the piece of jewelry she treasures (and shows off) the most.  She’ll wear it forever! Before this gives you full out anxiety, take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered.


First, decide if you are going to totally surprise her with a ring or go shopping for it together. There are pros and cons to both choices and there isn’t a right or wrong way. There is something very special about a surprise engagement ring. It shows that you’ve put in the time and thought to pick something just as unique and beautiful as she is to you! And nobody can debate the wow factor of the moment you present her with a stunning piece of jewelry that she’s never seen before. On the other hand, many couples are opting to go shopping for a ring together. It can be exhilarating to hold each other close and look at the options knowing that one of those rings will soon be dazzling her hand. Deciding together also relieves the pressure of selecting the perfect ring on your own. It also ensures that the ring will have a style and look she really loves. So think about your leading lady. Does she adore surprises and spontaneous adventure or does she like to have more control and planning with things? If you’re unsure, it never hurts to ask.

Taste Test

Whether you decide to jump in on your own or figure it out together, you should be armed with at least some idea of what kind of engagement ring your loved-one would prefer. This is going to require some observation, a little research and maybe even some help from your sweetheart’s friends or family. What do you already know about her taste in jewelry? Notice what she is drawn to when you are out together. Is it more classic? Is it big and eye-catching?  Does she love vintage looks? Do geometric shapes catch her attention? You can learn a lot by observing what she hovers over at the shops. Pay close attention to the hints she gives you. Has she ever shown you the ring of a friend or acquaintance with an excitement in her eyes? Have you noticed a ring catalog left open around the house? These can be big clues! After observing what you already know, do a little research. Think outside the box. If your other half is head over heals about a certain gem, start there. Engagement rings don’t always need to be diamonds. Many precious stones have significant meanings that can really speak to your companion and warm her heart every time she looks at her finger.  Think about her worldviews. If she is concerned about ethically sourced goods in other areas of her life, she’s definitely going to want a ring that represents that too. And of course, don’t be afraid to look for the obvious in your research. If you have been talking about marriage, the chances are high that your beloved already has a collection of rings pinned on a Pinterest board. And what does this mean for you? Your hunt just got a lot easier. If you’re still struggling to know what ring direction to go in, call in some back up! Bring in a trusted friend or family member to dish on your partner’s tastes and maybe even do a little sleuthing on your behalf. After all this research you should have a pretty good idea if your beloved prefers one shape of stone over another, what metal she likes most and what style or look she’d like for the band and the stone mounting. She will be so impressed that you know these details so perfectly!

Money Matters

The third thing to consider is a budget to guide your process. If you are shopping on your own, this should be pretty straightforward. If you’re going together, plan to discuss the price range prior to her falling in love with a ring that costs more than you can afford. This will help to avoid any sticky situations that might distract from the beauty of the moment.


Sizing Things Up

Don’t overlook this next tip! When you picture the perfect proposal, we imagine that it includes her saying, “Yes” followed by that magic moment when you slide the ring onto her finger. This will only work if you have the right size. If you’re surprising your bride-to-be, this might seem a little tricky. But there are many ways to get the right size without her even knowing that you’re shopping for a ring.  If she already wears a ring, take note of which finger she puts it on. Then find a moment when you can borrow the ring without her noticing that it’s missing. A professional jeweler can often determine the size she’ll need on her ring finger by sizing the rings she wears on other fingers. So take it in and get the help of a professional. Just make sure you put her accessory back before she notices! If you can’t steal her ring away, a tracing can also work. Just outline the inside of the ring with a pencil or pen. If these methods are turning out to be difficult, don’t hesitate to get some assistance from her roommate or close friend. They might have an easier time getting this information. If you aren’t planning a surprise proposal, there are many websites that feature ring sizing charts. Measuring her ring finger with a tailor’s tape is simple and will eliminate any worry that her ring won’t fit.

Quality is Key

Our fifth tip is to make sure you’re choosing a high quality diamond (if you’ve opted for a diamond). You may have heard about the “Four C’s”. We’re going to make them simple. Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut. Clarity is exactly what it sounds like. If a diamond has a lot of imperfections (or inclusions of other minerals), it will not look as clear and the shine will be affected negatively. Look for a ring that has as few as these as possible within your budget. Color is all about preference. A diamond can be completely colorless to a shade of pale yellow or even pink. While white diamonds are the most popular, there is really no right or wrong here as long as it’s beautiful to your sweetheart. Carat is simply the weight of the diamond. This seems to be a big deal to a lot of ring shoppers. But here is the truth, a good jeweler can make a smaller sized diamond look even more luxurious than a larger one with the right mounting and shaping. Don’t get too hung up on the carat weight. Cut is all about the angles and proportions of the stone. This is the part of the diamond that nature has nothing to do with. A good cut will make the ring brilliant as each facet directs light to the top of the diamond. A cut that is too deep or too shallow can destroy the effect of even the best stone that nature has to offer.


Choosing an engagement ring might seem daunting but the most important thing to remember is that it’s the love you two share that is truly magical. The ring, no matter how it shines, will never outshine that! So breathe a little easier and keep love (not the stone) at the center. Here are some practical tips to make that a little easier.

We hope that these practical tips have given you a little more confidence when it comes to picking out the perfect engagement ring! If you keep these tips in mind your dearest is sure to be swept off her feet whether your proposal is lavishly planned or spontaneous and simple. This is one of the most exciting times of your life! The beginning of your beautiful forever. And that will shine more brilliantly than any ring.


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