Fresh 48 Session, Black and White Film | Finnley


July 5, 2019

Our 7th babe decided to join our family June 3rd and we couldn’t be happier, or crazier for that matter! Having 7 kiddos running around is a full time job in itself, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Motherhood has been the most rewarding part of my life. It is stressful, messy, trying, adaptive, gratifying, loving, and so many other words that could fill an entire page. From my first child who is going to be 13 next month, to my youngest, I am grateful for journey.

When Finnley arrived he surprised us with all his dark hair that was highlighted on the tips! My OB joked that he got his hair done while in the womb. I went through 7 months of heartburn for those little locks ha ha.

There isn’t much to my labor story with this being number 7. They practically walk out at that point. After a call to my OB explaining that I was having shortness of breath, and blurry vision she had me go in to be triaged. They of course checked all my vitals and hooked me up to the monitor. I had been contracting on and off for the passed few days with nothing consistent. So when they hooked me up to the TOCO, I figured they would just monitor me and baby for an hour and I would be sent home. After about 30 min my contractions began to come more regularly, and when the nurse came to check me again I had made some progress and was now dilated to a 4. Since I was 38 weeks, contracting regularly, and already had a million other babies, (ok only 6, but still) they called my OB and decided to move me to labor and delivery. I had my dad come pick up Ashton who was the only one with me at the time, and let Brian know to head to the hospital. Now with Ashton I came in and had him within 2 hours. That wasn’t the case with Finnley. It was Still a quick delivery all things considered, but he took a little more time. He arrived at 1147 Pm and not only was I exhausted but I was ravenous and ready to eat whatever I could get my hands on. Bless my loving husband who was willing to go get me In and Out at a such a late hour!

Baby was healthy and absolutely perfect. We moved to postpartum where we began our journey of bonding and recovery. Since our kiddos were being cared for by family they wouldn’t get to meet Finn until we got home so I decided to take a few fresh 48 images of just him in this close up series.



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