Boho Desert Maternity


March 8, 2022

What emotions stirred inside you when you first saw that tiny little plus sign? For me, I remember feeling elated followed by an immense love for this tiny person I had yet to meet.  I was 20 when I had my first almost 16 years ago! I never did maternity photos or newborn photos.  I guess that just wasn’t something on my radar.  Fast forward 10 and I am a photographer myself and finally being introduced to maternity photos.  I shot my first maternity session on film for my sister, because surprise I wasn’t pregnant at the time lol.  Even since then though I feel like maternity has come a long ways and can be as stylized or simplistic as you want.  There is even maternity boudoir!  Anyways, I finally was able to have my own maternity session shot by my husband 3 years ago.  Being photographed isn’t my favorite, I’d much rather take pictures of my kids and other people, but I am so glad I have those photos!  They are dear to me and so now I encourage expecting mammas to do a maternity session.  Client closets are becoming highly popular and utilized in the photography community which is such a great option for those who don’t want to stress about having to find or buy something to wear for their session.  Not to mention we know all the best styles and colors and how they photograph.  So of course I had to jump on this and have been slowly building a client closet for my clients who would like to use this personalized service.   I’m hoping to start showcasing my pieces so perhaps a post will be coming on the topic!

I am so in love with how this session came out!  We traveled out to the desert in Scottsdale where they have these amazing large boulders, which in my opinion are perfect for creating a boho theme.  This mama truly shined at her session, and put a whole new meaning to glowing.  Congrats on your little girl coming Nicole!

Host: @hoveringheart

Photographer: @shariannamariephoto

Model: @n_record

MUA: @danikachristinemua



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