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It’s that moment. The moment you hoped would come someday. It’s that moment when you finally know you have found your forever. She’s your true soul mate and the only person you want to share this journey of life with. You are completely ready to ask the big question but first things first. You need […]

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Tiffany and Eric met up with me in Sedona at one of the amazing vortexes know as Rachel’s Knoll.  The temps were perfect for our little hike around the mountain, while the wind gave us a run for our money.  I enjoyed getting to know these two love birds, and watching them interact on the […]

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You give me the type of feelings people write about in novels. Simply put, these two stole my heart the evening of their session.   We met up on a warm summer day in the Phoenix desert, where the cacti were plenty, and the light enchanting.  Jenn is actually a fellow photographer, and Daelun is […]

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The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself. Thank you for encouraging me to be the best version of myself, while giving me the best version of you. The back story:  Before Jamee was swept off her feet and whisked away, she lived […]

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I met Lindsey and Josh on a warm day in May at Scorpion Gulch.  While it was on the warmer side, the desert light was on point, and Lindsey and Josh made it all the more better with their charming personalities.  Lindsey chose the perfect muted tones for their wardrobe, complimenting that desert pallet.  I […]

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