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June 29, 2018

Anyssa and Anthony Johnny Rockets Engagement


When I first talked to Anyssa, we were in the planning stages of her engagement shoot.    She had so many great locations each with a special meaning to show their love for each other.  I really feel that choosing a meaningful location brings life to the shoot, and helps a couple relax and interact naturally.   After finishing up at Johnny Rockets we decided to shoot at a hidden park by the San Tan Mall.  It was the perfect way to finish out the session! This was one of the more unique shoots I have done and I’m so grateful they gave me the opportunity to be creative!


I asked Anyssa something fun about their relationship:

Sometimes we don’t have to have a full conversation or make out full questions or sentences and we know what one another is trying to say. We finish each others sentences 🙂 We definitely know each other better than we know ourselves.


Anyssa and Anthony’s Johnny Rockets engagement shoot helped shake things up and try something new!


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