A Sail Boat Session on Lake Michigan


September 28, 2022

Are you and your fiance the outgoing type and don’t get easily sea sick?  Then a sail boat engagement session may be for you! Not only did I want to share this romantic session with you, but also share some helpful notes to keep in mind if you want to have this type of session for your self.  


First off, Joe and Taylor did a phenomenal job being connected and relaxed even though we were experiencing 2ft waves for half of their tour. If you are prone to lightheadedness or vertigo I would not recommend this type of session.  When you are hitting waves at that magnitude it can be hard to stabilize and make the shot, however the challenge of it all is exciting and can make for some real candid moments.  Read on if you would like to learn how to go about scheduling something like this and what to expect.


For this session we had to pre book a sail boat tour on lake Michigan.  Renting a sail boat is highly doable, but if you personally know someone who has a boat and is willing to take you out I would suggest that over renting.  When you go on a tour you are subject to other guest being on the boat, which there were for this session.  There aren’t many places you can safely shoot and sail boat tours will fill up the boat to make the trip worth it.   When you have a boat full of other passengers it can make it hard to shoot different angles without having guests in the background.    

When you board a sail boat or any boat be sure to listen to all the captains safety measures.  Nobody wants to go over board and photographers are usually carrying thousands of dollars worth of gear.  One wrong move and you could be hit by a swinging poll and be knocked out or overboard.  

In calmer waters and less people on the boat, you can experiment and have a little more movement in your session.  When we came back through the channel we had more opportunities to move around even though we were in a tight spot due to many passengers.  Their love came through in the imagery in the end, and it was an incredible experience!  

I hope you found these side notes helpful when planning your sail boat session, and as always let me know what you think in the comments.







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