Luminous, romantic destination wedding photography
 transforming treasured moments into timeless art. 
Based in Arizona. Traveling worldwide.

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We are Brian and Shar, the husband and wife team behind the blissful images you see here, and we can’t wait to tell your story. Using medium format film, we flood galleries with romantic, poetic images, and through our signature relaxed experience, we bring an atmosphere of tranquility to every celebration. We look forward to connecting with you!  

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Fine Art Film Workshop by Olga Plakitina / Video by Elya Nurmamedova

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Our Philosophy

WE STRIVE TO CREATE LASTING MEMORIES WITH EMOTION and we are just as passionate about your memories as you.

We love light filled airy images that show connection. We want to tell your love story through beautiful images and photograph you organically and authentically.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing form you soon!

Photographs are a way for us to preserve our most precious memories. We want to create a lasting experience from start to finish for our couples. We know that trust is key in this relationship and will be with you through out the entire process.
  We have chosen medium format film as our art form because we believe in it's timeless quality. 

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Cereal Magazine, Grey Likes Weddings, Kinfolk Magazine, Marinabay, Green Wedding Shoes, Darling Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Geraldine Magazine, Rangefinder, Wedding Chicks, Wilderness, Moxham, Addvent

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